Aspen Emry

Author of "Chase Your Brave" and Field-First Founder/CEO of New USA-Based Network Marketing Company

Aspen Emry, Founder & CEO of a new USA-based Network Marketing company, has two decades of hands-on experience in our profession. Together with her husband Brent (Founder & COO), their new company has attained record-breaking achievements over the past two years.

Founded at the height of a global pandemic, the company grew exponentially in the USA in 2022 – over 700% increase year over year. Throughout the first quarter of 2023, the company experienced continued growth, over 60% increase, between January and March, with approximately 75% of sales from Customers.

“Our company comes from the guiding principle that, when we bravely step out in faith – when we ‘feel the fear and do it anyways’ – there is the promise that you’ll be strengthened and rewarded through this. When each of us makes our own conscious decision to create the life that we deserve and are worthy of, at times we need to stare fear in the face and make a move towards it, because that’s when we can experience the most growth, which is key to joy.”

Over the last two decades, Aspen has risen from building a business in the field, to becoming a top producer, to being recruited as a key leader of the Field Development team of a large network marketing company ($750+ Million in sales annually), all while meeting the demands of raising 5 children together with her husband, Brent, who also ran a large traditional business during those years.

Aspen is passionate about growing leaders, mentorship, and helping people find strengths they didn’t know they had and develop talents they weren’t maximizing, so they can become all that God has put in their heart to become. Aspen believes that, all too often, people underestimate their potential and put themselves in a box. From her years at corporate Field Development, she is a master at developing vitally important systems, training, duplication and leadership development.

As a “field-first” founder, Aspen understands being in the trenches and how to help field leaders succeed and flourish:

“We wanted to provide a safe home where people can confidently build their future together in a community of like-minded people, based on friendship, family values, fairness, faith, fun, honor, kindness, respect and transparency. We’re excited to have a positive generational impact on many lives for years to come.”

Aspen is passionate about empowering others to see their worth and “chase their brave.” Throughout her life, Aspen has struggled with fears, pregnancy complications, battling a bad relationship with food, and has walked through many other challenges throughout her life. Through these challenges, she learned how to stop with the excuses, regardless of what the situation looked like, trust God and chase her brave, which is why she recently authored her bestselling book, “Chase Your Brave.”

Now residing in Florida, Aspen and Brent have been married for 22 years and have five children and one grandchild.