Bryiana Dyrdek

Entrepreneur + Philanthropist

Bryiana Dyrdek is a living, breathing example of a fairytale dream come true. As a very proud wife, mom, entrepreneur, best friend, mentor, model, undiscovered Disney princess, girl gang curator, philanthropist, social media influencer, and motivational speaker, Bryiana wears a lot of hats and is simultaneously the most basic and extra person you’ll probably ever come across.

Her network marketing journey began at 22 years old, when she reconnected with an old childhood friend who shared a new opportunity with her. After overcoming a life-threatening illness, harsh bullying, industry rejection and financial struggles, she had been battling various mental illnesses for quite some time. So when she finally walked through the doors of a home event and felt the rush of everyone’s positive energy, it didn’t matter to her what they were selling or how much money could be made – she was in! Her heart felt at home and wanted to share this newfound gift with the world.

When asked about how she feels about the network marketing profession, it tugs at her heartstrings because she says, “Network Marketing didn’t just change my life, it saved my life.”

Among many things, Network Marketing has taught Bryiana how to dream big, believe big and achieve really, really big by personally developing herself and pouring into others.