Network Marketing Consultant, Executive & Vision Partner

Since 1991, Curtis Broome has led more than 350,000 people from the stage, in groups as small as 20 to as large as 8,000, through educational, training, sales or promotional presentations designed to inform, inspire and move them to action. Curtis has done so in 46 of the 50 states in the US and in 22 countries around the world while being translated into 15 different languages at various times.

With specialties in network marketing, system implementation, and community development, Curtis and business partner Lisa are among the top trainers and consultants in the industry. Their expertise has been gained through years in traditional business, as corporate executives, as million-dollar earners in network marketing, and as elite team leaders of hundreds of thousands. As industry visionaries and thought leaders, their innovative thinking and message aptitude has propelled Curtis and Lisa to the highest regard as consultants, public speakers, and elite team trainers.

At Your Vision Partners, Curtis helps executive teams envision the outcome, enact a plan, and achieve the vision, asking the right questions, evaluating responses, and crafting the perfect strategy to reach the result you desire for your Network Marketing business. With an outstanding reputation as a sought-after coach and public speaker, Curtis will inspire and train your corporate staff or top-level teams to reimagine the possibilities and achieve the success you desire.

Curtis also consults with companies to provide critical support and training. Along with a remarkable talent for innovative thought processes, his acute ability to identify marketing opportunities – and understand how to effectively implement them – sets his work apart from others.

Curtis and his team are intimately associated with leaders, experts, consultants and strategists across the globe – relationships secured through many years of collaborative business ventures. Whether your company needs a superior compensation plan, a fresh marketing strategy, innovative products, international expansion, community development, culture refinement, or all the above, Curtis and his team at YVP have the expertise, knowledge and critical intellect to guide you through.

– Executive and Elite Team Training – Public Speaking – Coaching and Mentorship – Vision Evaluation – Company Launch – Market Share Growth – Management Consulting – Communication Systems – International Expansion – Culture and Community Development – Project Management