Unapologetically Powerful: "My Purpose is to deliver my wisdom and experience to those that are trying to find the path to the next level."

Gloria Mayfield Banks is CEO of Gloria Mayfield Banks, Inc., an International Success Strategist, and an Elite Executive National Sales Director: she is the #1 Director with the #1 Direct Selling personal care and cosmetics company in the world. A global communications leader and innovative speaker. Best described as an “Energy in Motion!”, Gloria is considered an expert in motivation, self-esteem, and sales training, Training worldwide on six continents, including Mexico, Canada, Germany, China, South Africa and Russia, she is renowned for her special event workshops that unite thousands that come to hear her speak.

Her message is strong. She is known for her dynamic story-telling ability and uses creative humor to impact her audience. Appealing to mass audiences with her conversational yet confident style, her enthusiasm is contagious. One of her best-known workshops – “People-ality” – teaches the potency of people skills. She has additionally worked with young children, motivating them to jump start their education and lifelong dreams.

Her personal road to success, the story of Gloria Mayfield Banks, is an amazing story in itself. She has consistently beaten the odds to achieve phenomenal success in her life and business. She over-came dyslexia, domestic violence, and a painful divorce, to obtain a MBA from Harvard University and become a top sales executive and a multi-millionaire entrepreneur.

After being diagnosed with dyslexia in the 7th grade, Gloria and her mother began an intense program to learn coping mechanisms in order to overcome her reading challenge. It was then she realized that she would need to enlist the assistance of others to help her complete her education. From high school, college, and on to graduate school, her studies were accomplished through volunteer readers who offered their gracious assistance in getting Gloria through textbooks. She conquered dyslexia, by recognizing her strengths and utilizing teamwork. Turning a challenge like dyslexia into a springboard for success, her disability became her strength. She became a motivational speaker where she used the help given to her, to aid others in their dreams. She went on to be known world-wide as “A Leader of Women”, inspiring them to overcome any obstacle.

A graduate of Howard University, she began her professional career in the computer industry as a sales representative for IBM. She went on to receive an MBA from Harvard University Graduate School of Business and began working for the Harvard Business School as the Assistant Director for Admissions. Gloria left her full-time position for Harvard Business School to begin her Direct Selling business. The very next year, she set the company record for the most sales as a qualifying Sales Director. Her work is culminated in a case study at Harvard Business School titled “Gloria Hilliard Mayfield at Mary Kay Cosmetics.” This case is recognized by students, as it is in textbooks nationwide. Gloria achieved the highest position as an Inner Circle National, with only four other NSD’s having reached this position within their first year. She broke a company record by achieving Elite Executive National Sales Director faster than anyone in the company’s now 60-year history. Gloria has qualified for Pink Cadillac status for over 30 years and broken several company records. Her Direct Selling business now successfully operates out of 8 countries.

Gloria’s accomplishments have been recognized in many print publications to include Black Enterprise, Glamour Magazine, Working Woman Magazine, Ebony, and twice in Fortune Magazine. She has appeared on numerous radio and television programs and received many awards for her accomplishments. She has been honored as an “Outstanding Leaders in the Workplace” by the Baltimore Area YWCA and recently received the prestigious Speaker Legend Award where she was named as one of the top influencers to watch. Forbes Magazine listed Gloria as one of the “Five Women of Color Who Should Be on Your Radar.”

Gloria is married to Kenneth Banks, the founder and owner of Banks Contracting Company and Banks Development Group. Ken’s current projects include the $305 million construction of the Convention Center Hotel in Baltimore and the $1 billion dollar development of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Biotech Park. They share four adult children and reside in Baltimore, Maryland.