Jennie Potter

Coach, Motivational Speaker & Author of Self Sabotage NO MORE

Jennie Potter grew up in a small beach town in Western Canada. After years of spiraling in self-loathing and self-sabotage, she knew she had to change her direction. Jennie finally sought help and found the answers to heal through faith, counselling school, coaching certificates and personal growth.

In addition to having a background as an entrepreneur, Jennie has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, earned a diploma at Counselling College, and is a Certified John Maxwell Coach. She has invested thousands of hours in reading, coursework, study, and practice in the areas in which she teaches and helps clients today.

Jennie is obsessed with helping people identify and remove the hidden emotional blocks which hold people back from living their best lives. She is passionate about identifying tangible ways to release and move through limiting beliefs, emotions, fear, and negative mindset. She thrives on helping others achieve through faith, vision, release, manifestation, exploration, and powerful daily habits; actionable ways to break through, use their God-given gifts and shine fully as the light they were made to be in this world.

Today, Jennie is a Future Self Coach, a faith-filled trainer in the network marketing space, a best-selling author of Self Sabotage NO MORE, and a transformational speaker. She lives on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia with her husband Dave, their kids, and two furbabies.