Marc's Greatest Joy Is Teaching Everything He's Learned Over 30 Years: "I realized that achieving success in my own life was not enough for me."

With over 30 years of network marketing experience and wisdom, Marc Accetta has traveled to more than 40 countries on six different continents to train 1 million+ distributors on the skillsets to become a professional in this industry. Marc has been a top Network Marketing leader for over two decades and has reached the highest rank in every company he’s been with. He’s been a Top 10 Income Earner in 3 of 4 companies. As one of the leading voices on mindset and mastery, Marc inspires and motivates his audiences to achieve levels of success they have only dreamed of.

When Marc graduated from Seton Hall University in 1982 with a degree in Political Science, he was unsure of what direction his life would take. He entered the world of sales at the urging of his friend Gary. Marc didn’t feel he would be very successful in the sales industry but decided to give it a shot since he lacked any other lucrative opportunities at the time.

Thirty years later, Marc has excelled at every sales-related business into which he has ventured. From 1982 to 2007, he has been a distributor in four different companies reaching the top ranks in all of them. His teams have produced hundreds of millions in revenue.

From direct selling to recruitment, management, and ultimately training, Marc has cultivated an overwhelmingly successful resume of achievements.

Marc was initially a student of all he now teaches.

“I did not grow up with a high level of self-confidence or self-esteem,” he says. “I had a burning desire to improve in any way I could, in all areas of my life.”

Marc’s signature event, “A View From the Edge” is what sets him apart from many other speakers, where he mixes entertainment and education to create an event that the attendees truly never forget.

Finally! We’ve waited 10 years for this: at this year’s ANMP 2023 Convention, Marc has agreed to teach, train, inspire and transform your life … with live performance trainings from his most insightful, most impactful live sessions of the highly acclaimed “A View From the Edge.” This will be a MUST-SEE immersive experience and event!

To date, Marc has trained over 1,000 distributors that have each earned $100,000 in commissions, plus more than 100 distributors who have exceeded one $1,000,000 in commissions.

“The number one reason why people fail in this profession is due to them not being trained enough,” states Marc. Now for the first time ever, all attendees at the ANMP Annual Convention will have the opportunity to have an immersive, transformational learning experience led by Marc, to take their businesses – and their lives – to the next level!