Self-Publishing School: What You Can Learn From Talking to 4,657 Authors

Have you ever thought: I wonder if I could write and publish a book?

What if you could distill down the key takeaways from conversations with over 4,657 authors and aspiring authors? Matt Emmorey of Self-Publishing School is here to help! Matt is the author of Where The Rubber Meets The Road, a book about getting more with less effort. (The story also revolves around him living in a van for a year, and the surprising life lessons he learned along the way!)

Matt is also the host of the Authority Figures podcast, which features success stories from bestselling authors on how they reached the top.

Matt is a specialist at Self-Publishing School who has had over 30,000 calls. Matt’s story and why he wrote his book will inspire you. You’ll learn what he would do differently if he had it to do over, and the resources and advice he has for anyone who’s considering writing a book. He will share wisdom and practical advice not only from his own experiences, but also from his conversations with thousands of authors and aspiring authors – many of whom he’s taught and helped through Self-Publishing School.

Plus Matt can help you navigate the #1 challenge that aspiring authors face… how it’s okay to get help, and  how NOT to be a perfectionist (it doesn’t have to take you 10 years to write a book!). Matt also advises about what keeps many aspiring authors from even getting started, coachability, and common traits that successful authors have, so you can learn from his breadth of experiences.