Nick Santonastasso



Nick Santonastasso is a medical miracle. Not only is he one of four people alive with the rare genetic condition, Hanhart Syndrome, the inspirational keynote speaker is an internationally known bodybuilder and fitness model – despite missing both his legs and one arm since birth. The high-energy youth shares his amazing story, showing people that anyone can thrive if they have the determination and willpower to go after what they want.

When Nick was born, the doctors handed his parents a long list of things that he would never be able to do.” Nick’s parents politely thanked them and threw the list out. They raised Nick the same way they had raised his three able-bodied older siblings and instilled in him never to let the world tell him what he could or couldn’t do.

Nick Santonastasso is now a global keynote speaker, entrepreneur and philanthropist that has trained over 1 million people LIVE on life and business psychology. He’s also the author of Victim to Victor: How to Overcome the Victim Mentality to Live the Life You Love. Nick challenges you to change your perspective on your life story by sharing a bit of his own.

Most professionals are not living up to their full potential and falling short of their peak performance, whether it is with their finances, relationships, business or health. Running the same disempowering story in their head over and over, they are trapped in the negative cycle they created. Through his remarkable personal story, Nick shares how to realign your focus on what you have and what you can control instead of what you’re lacking.

You can create a new empowering story where you’re the hero instead of the victim and, as a result, have better relationships, improve your finances, and become a better leader. Never say you can’t, ask how you can. With this in mind, Nick Santonastasso gives you the strategies, frameworks, tools and systems from the top achievers in the world. He teaches professionals how to be better leaders and perform at their optimal level by annihilating excuses and becoming victors of their own life. In this transformational training, Nick shares his step-by-step approach to become a better leader, gain more confidence, improve your finances, improve your health, and find out your true life purpose to have fulfillment and make more of an impact.

Despite being 26 years old, Nick has taught alongside some of the greats like Steve Forbes, Ed Mylett and is currently serving on a world tour with his main mentor Tony Robbins. With over 1,000 hours learning from his mentors Nick has dedicated the past 5 years of his life studying psychology and human behavior to help others breakthrough their limitations and excel to the next level of life. With the passing of his brother Michael from an overdose, Nick also pursued the path of helping those defeat mental health and substance abuse becoming a partner with WeLevelUp rehab facilities that serve people across the United States.