Onyx Coale

Among the Top Earning Network Marketers in the World

Onyx is a single mother of three. In the past, she and her daughters experienced the power of building an MLM. Onyx always ran from MLM, until the babysitter’s parents wouldn’t leave her alone. She finally said YES to this amazing industry.

In seven years, she earned $17 million, grew a personal team of 400,000+, and 50 people within her personal team became millionaires, all by consistently and persistently working her MLM business.

In July 2019, Kathy Rodriguez took a chance and called Onyx about a new opportunity. Onyx had been retired since 2012 and realized it was a 10 out of 10. In her first eighteen weeks at her new company, Onyx qualified at the top of the compensation plan as Senior Presidential Director.

Onyx is busy doing it again, helping her teams to thrive in MLM, changing the world one person at a time with her new products and company, while they experience the power of earning residual income.

Onyx loves people and knows if she can do it, so can you.