Ray Higdon

Best-Selling Author, Coach, Speaker, Philanthropist. Founders of The Higdon Group and Rank Makers

Ray Higdon is a best-selling author, coach, high-energy speaker, and philanthropist. Going from foreclosure to multimillion-dollar success in a few short years, Ray’s journey to excellence has been fueled with an unrelenting passion for teaching people how to find their voice and understand their worth.

Ray’s recent best-selling book, TIME MONEY FREEDOM, co-authored with his wife Jessica, (Hay House Publishing 2020) is Ray and Jess’ guide to creating the life you’ve always dreamed of, including very specific action steps to get you there. The Higdon Group reality show Play to Win (Season 2) was released in October 2020.

Jessica Higdon started her own home business at the age of 21 years old with no business experience what so ever. After struggling for 6 months with no profit, she decided to turn to Facebook to find customers. From following a simple social media strategy she was able to create a 6-figure business from home.

As a top keynote speaker, Ray has shared the stage with world renowned thought leaders, including Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Brendon Burchard, Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Magic Johnson and many more.

As a philanthropist, Ray has helped raise over $600,000 for March of Dimes and Adaptive Ops, and he is currently working on a program to help kids in foster care.

Ray & Jessica are also Founders of the popular Rank Makers Facebook group, the #1 Community that’s been helping Network Marketers succeed since 2017, and more recently, Walk in Faith with Ray where Ray helps faith-driven entrepreneurs tap into their purpose and power to boldly scale and impact the world.

Ray is Founder and CEO of Higdon Group, an Inc. 5000 company, an award-winning leader in the sales training and coaching arena. He resides in Florida with his wife Jessica and four children.