Staci Hall

Founder and Co-Owner of "Network Marketing Rehab" Coaching and Training Company

Staci Hall is a top network marketing leader and Speaker, as well as a Coach for the Higdon Group and Millionaire Round Table Mastermind for 6 & 7 figure earners.

A master of leadership, culture and social media systems, Staci has built a successful global team and is known amongst her peers as ‘The Genuine Connector’. She uses her skills to empower leaders to drive superior results through massive duplication and is fueled by being in the trenches and working alongside her team!

A true servant leader, she is also the founder and co-owner of Network Marketing Rehab, a coaching and training company helping dedicated network marketers avoid common pitfalls and create lasting success, faster!

Staci is married with two beautiful children and lives in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.