Stormy Wellington

From Devastation to Restoration to International Influential, Helping Millions

Stormy Wellington is an international inspirational speaker, wellness guru, and highly sought-after marketing and direct sales expert. She is also a best-selling author and global serial entrepreneur.

Stormy Wellington is prominently known as “Coach Stormy” around the world. For over two decades, she has helped millions of people across the globe to create real and lasting changes in their lives. Her ambition is limitless, her personality unforgettable, and her drive and dedication are unmatched.

Stormy was born in the Bronx, New York, and raised in Miami, Florida. Coming from humble beginnings, she learned to overcome many challenges early on in life, which all contribute to her tenacity and perseverance today. “I come from foster care, stripping, and scamming,” states Stormy.

Always an overachiever, Stormy quickly saw that life in corporate America, and working odd jobs was not the path she wanted to follow. Following her exit from the corporate world in 2008, Stormy entered into the more fast-paced, hands-on business of direct selling; she worked hard and quickly became top leader in a global health and lifestyle brand built on the principles of “Mind, Body & Spirit”.

With two decades in the wellness industry, Stormy is now one of the highest-paid individuals in the world within the network marketing and direct sales industry. Wellington credits her success to hard work, consistency, prayer, meditation, and a determined mindset.

She has been featured in Forbes, Essence, and Black Enterprise, and has authored three books. Her social media reach daily is over one million and counting.

One of her personal goals is to help 1,000 families become millionaires; to date, she has coached 36 people to become multi-millionaires, and hundreds of 6-figure earners.

Not being limited to just the health and wellness industry, Wellington’s passion projects as a CEO include her own lines of CBD products, Skincare products, and “Girl Hold My Hand” (GHMH): her widespread predominantly female community built on sincere sisterhood, philanthropy, self-improvement, and wellness. Under the GHMH umbrella is “The Awakening” – one of the world’s most celebrated and anticipated conferences. “The Awakening conference is all about knowing yourself, learning to love yourself, embrace yourself, connection, and collaboration,” adds Wellington.

As a spiritual guide and health guru, Stormy has accomplished vast strides and accolades. She’s mastered the art of financial freedom, motherhood, and direct sales with humility and transparency. Future plans for Coach Stormy Wellington include achieving her goal for 1,000 families becoming top earners and continuing to pour into her personal development courses, morning meditation, and ongoing training programs available to the masses.

“Feeling Good Is A Strategy” – Coach Stormy Wellington