"The ScoreKeeper of the Direct Selling Industry"

Business For Home is co-founded by Dini Noorlander and Ted Nuyten, CEO and Chairman of the Business For Home Foundation, which was established in 2008 in the Netherlands under Dutch law.

Per year, the businessforhome.org website receives an estimated 10+ million visitors from all over the world with the majority being Network Marketing professionals.

The free BFH App has over 400,000 downloads (and counting). At times BFH uses push notifications to inform app users about important news.

Additionally, articles are shared through the Business For Home Facebook Business Page which is currently at 70,000+ likes, as well as Twitter and LinkedIn.

On average the website serves 12,000 – 15,000+ visitors per day, with all-time daily highs of 70,000 visitors when “Breaking News” occurs or Poll voting takes place.

About 40% of visitors come from North America and 60% from all other countries.

BFH concentrates on Direct Selling facts and figures; therefore, insiders call Ted Nuyten “The Score Keeper For The Direct Selling Industry.”

BFH also works with independent freelance reporters who send in international news and articles, which undergo a validation process before being published. The majority of the articles are positive. However, at times, lawuits and controversial news may be published as well.

Ted Nuyten and Dini Noorlander and the Business For Home team are working to demystify Direct Selling through facts and figures and to cover Direct Selling news as it happens.