Entrepreneur, #1 Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker

For more than 25 years, Twiler Portis has inspired individuals to transform their lives. Her work, both in teachings and in motivation, has propelled people to find their true potential and has taught them the breakthrough principles to achieve their dreams and goals.

A former corporate executive, destined for greatness beyond the walls of a corporate office, Twiler partnered with her late-husband Erwin Portis, to build distribution networks of over 350,000 in the US and 6 Countries, to build an enterprise in the network marketing industry.

With more work to be done, Twiler set her sights on expanding her vision through her brand, with one goal in mind: to inspire people to use your life’s worth to fuel and fund your passion. Through the provision of entrepreneurship, Twiler has equipped individuals with the tools and resources to turn their obstacles into opportunity and their tragedy into triumph! She’s partnered with thousands of business partners to mentor, coach and had the privilege of training several of them as well, resulting in thousands of families receiving healthy five and six figure incomes per month – all from the comfort of their homes.

Twiler has soared to the top of many companies, reaching their top positions and breaking records along the way. This feat has landed her on the cover of company magazines such as Success from Home, For Business Home, Impact Magazine, Black Enterprise just to name a few. She has been featured in nationwide publications, television shows and has inspired the launch of budding brands. She received the Chauncy Glover Philanthropy Award 2019 and the Icon of the Year 2020 Award for her work in the community.

Twiler’s entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with her passion for business has afforded her the unique opportunity to executive produce television shows, invest in business start-ups and to mentor small businesses through the challenges of business. Her work has brought her to large stages, taking her words globally. She has authored two books, “Women of MLM”, “Living the Greatest Life Through You; 7 Steps to Living After Death” and in the process of completing her third, “8 Letters That Shaped Me; The Power of Pen to Paper”.

Twiler can be found in Houston, Texas at her headquarters, building the next generation of small business owners and grooming entrepreneurs for success. Twiler entered 2022 with one goal in mind: to continue her purpose work and leave a legacy for her family.

When asked about her life’s purpose – her answer is always clear: I want to inspire others to live full and die empty.